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You Win Some, Lose Some...

...All The Same To Me

I'm just another girl growing up in the big wide world.

I like to use this journal as a way to express my seldom negative feelings, as I'm commonly a very happy person but everybody gets down at times. This has taught me to write things down as it helps to clear my mind, but I refuse to pour my heart out over a keyboard.
I love to read as it takes me away from whatever real life situations I find myself in and it helps to educate me on many things, so of course I'm not just talking about the ridiculous amounts of slash I read, I'm talking about autobiographies, horror stories and history.

I'm open-minded and willing to accept different views and beliefs that I may not necessary agree on, but you won't know until you know me.

I'd like to give myself some sort of stereotype here but it's impossible because my likes vary too much. I love metal music, yet I like slow, calming and soothing music too. I don't dress in a specific way, I love my black leather and New Rocks, but I also love my multi-coloured smiley t-shirts. Therefore I HATE to be judged.

This is nothing like a proper description of myself because I can't describe yourself in words and people should learn your personality themselves, so if you want to know me just talk and add, I'm friendly, honestly!

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